Procurement and Project Management Consulting

MASARAT MISR offers a broad range of project management and consulting services for infrastructure construction projects, having developed and supervised projects in the road/motorway sector.

We have accumulated an in-depth knowledge of all the development process stages, from the initial concept to the maintenance planning of existing works.

  • Definition of monitoring, assessment and work progress reporting procedures
  • Development of site supervision and quality control procedures
  • Definition and implementation of project performance monitoring (PPM) systems
  • Filing systems, for organising, storing and retrieving project documents
  • Daily project monitoring activities
  • Procurement and recruitment of consultants for specific projects
  • Co-ordination and supervision of field work by consultants/suppliers, in respect of work progress supervision and certification activities
  • Preparation of project completion reports
  • Control of materials, in accordance with the technical contract specifications
  • Preparation of purchasing agreements, procurement and supply plans, with detailed scheduling
  • Programme control in respect of the development, approval and implementation of the environmental impact assessments (VIA/IEE), land purchasing activities and the implementation of resettlement schemes (GRV)