Smart Cities Planning and Sustainable Urban Development

Smart Cities and Sustainable Technologies

MASARAT MISR builds cities of the future, answering growth and demand challenges, increasing the utilization of existing infrastructure and enhancing citizens experience and engagement.

MASARAT has a range of expertise in smart cities incuding

  • Strategic technology planning
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Services design and process automation
  • Data integration and analytics
  • Security planning and risk mitigation and technology
  • Sensory and wide area networks

Urban Development

Urbanization is expanding each day shaping the economic, social and environmental structure of our cities. At MASARAT MISR, we aim to create inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities.

Urban Regeneration Upgrading

Each city has an urban identity that shapes its image; MASARAT targets urban regeneration and upgrading through providing smart and sustainable mobility solutions which strive to enhance the city’s image, improve the quality of life of its citizens as well as their productivity. For example, simply encouraging use of non-motorized transport through design will have a direct effect on the behavior of users and their lifestyle. At MASARAT, we believe that utilizing under used, distressed urban areas will ultimately contribute to remedying urban decay and result in the overall improvement of the city.

Planning for Inclusive Communities

At MASARAT, we design for everyone. It is very important that people have a sense of belonging to their communities; this is why inclusivity is one of the most important issues to tackle when planning communities. In order to have an inclusive community, first it must be studied and understood by reaching out and using participatory methods of research of design; creating opportunities for positive participation to enable individuals to express their opinions and experiences freely, to ultimately promote a healthy culture of civic engagement and build a sustainable infrastructure of public participation. Our design strategies incorporate international guidelines (such as ADA) to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all.

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