Technology and Connected Services

MASARAT MISR strategically visions technology as means to make better use of the resources, increasing the quality of the services and experience offered to the citizens and customers, reducing the operational costs through automation and high service reliability with real-time intelligence and monitoring of changing conditions. Through our consultant we would be able to lead our clients through feasibility studies how to better choose and road map technology based services to unlock new revenues through calculated demand and grow bottom line.

We help our customers in deciding the value of business investment in technology elements and direction of opportunities through:

  • Developing service strategy
  • Developing service portfolio
  • Strategic assets creation
  • Resources, capability building and operation modeling
  • Service planning and design
  • Infrastructure planning and design:
    • Data network.
    • Data servers & storage – Internet connectivity – Enterprise tools and application

According to the defined criteria of the infrastructure requirements in terms of, capacity, availability, continuity and security, operation models and investment allocation, different options shall be reviewed (Infrastructure as a Service - Software as a Service - Platform as a Service)

Services Center Planning and Design

  • Design services payment and subscription models
  • Design event management and dispatch model
  • Assign service metrics and performance
  • Design service coms and interfaces
  • Ensure that all technological solutions proposed are fit for purpose, and integrated with the designed security operations structure and policies