Transportation, Connectivity and Mobility Planning

The flow of people and goods within and through city areas is a fundamental dimension of contemporary urban design, planning and management. How these flows are accommodated and integrated into the fabric of the city impacts profoundly on the health and satisfaction of residents, and the economic prosperity and long-term sustainability of the city. MASARAT MISR covers a broad range of transportation consultations encompassing all the economic and social aspects of all modes of transport.

  • Transport demand studies and modeling.
  • Development of transportation system requirements and infrastructure scenarios.
  • Detailed microscopic modeling and analysis of the city access and traffic circulation.
  • Detailed pedestrian and bicycle access, and circulation plan.
  • Traffic flow plan and traffic routing strategies.
  • Traffic control plan including detailed design of traffic signals and control units.
  • ITS system plan and technologies for access and traffic circulation management.
  • Detailed traffic signal design and plan for each single intersection.
  • Detailed alternative analysis for traffic control technologies in terms of performance and cost.
  • A complete parking demand and supply analysis for the whole city.
  • Development of parking requirements and plans.
  • Detailed micro simulation of parking areas.
  • Develop a comprehensive financial models for all the proposed systems conducting all the e economic and financial assessments.

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